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Welcome - In 2005 it became apparent that many of the magnificent trees in our community were being lost, whether from humans or Mother Nature. This organization was founded to celebrate our remaining treasures and to educate, through awareness, our citizenry as to their value.

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Note: Picture of Graduation Oak at the Saratoga Union District offices taken in 1960's. Photo in the collection of the Saratoga Historical Foundation.


May we be planting here
Hope for the Earth
For the families of trees that
Seek good, nourishing ground
In which to grow.
May this tree not become
May its sweet, green breathing
Inspire our breathing.
May we, too, be rooted, and
Hold our ground,
And, like this tree, rise up
To drink sunlight and starlight.
And may we learn from this tree
To open wide our arms,
And freely give.

By Betty Peck
(Arbor Day 2012)

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